What to buy for Husband on Aliexpress

 If you are a shopaholic who likes to spend on cheap and good items from time to time, then you have come to the right page. In today’s post we are going to talk about some of the best selling electronic gadgets on AliExpress, all of which are under the $30 price tag. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Keep reading to find out about the hottest electronics items which aren’t going to leave a hole in your pocket. 

Top 10 Unique Electronic Gadget Gifts for HIM

They are the most perfect electronic gadgets gifts for HIM.

#1. Miracast/ Mirascreen HDMI 1080p TV stick wifi Display Receiver dongle

Oh my! Best product ever invented. Shows mirrored from laptop to TV!

mirascreen aliexpress cheap

AliExpress.com Product – New TV Stick Full HD 1080P DLNA Dongle Adapter Miracast HDMI WIFI Display DONGLE Airplay Receiver
The Miracast is a pen drive sized dongle which comes with an HDMI output. Known as ‘poor man’s Apple TV’, Miracast can be used on a variety of devices including TV, projector, tablet, Monitor etc. It is compatible with Mac OS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Miracast is a wireless display dongle which is capable of casting the contents of any wi-fi enabled device. It gives you full 1080p video output although the resolution is adjustable. Sharing your items become all the more easier with the special EZ cast function.

mirascreen aliexpress

BUY $11.99

#2. Vontar i8 mini Wireless keyboard with trackpad (normal and backlit) – $11.95

We love this! You can control your Android TV Box or any bluetooth devices at the comfort of your sofa.

mini keyboard for tv

AliExpress.com Product – VONTAR Backlight i8+ English Russian Version Mini Wireless Keyboard 2.4GHz Air Mouse Touchpad for Android TV BOX Laptop Backlit
This keyboard cum trackpad would let you switch between TV shows while resting on the sofa, given that your laptop is connected to the TV. A perfect item for regular use, the Vontar Wireless keyboard comes with a really attractive price tag. You don’t need a driver to use this one, all you need to do is just plug and play. It runs on 2 AAA batteries which surprisingly last for a real long time. The keyboard comes in three languages- English, Russian and Hebrew.

BUY HERE $10.95.

#3. Pocket LED Flashlight which can be recharged with the USB

Out of electricity? No problem for guys out there.

AliExpress.com Product – USB Handy Powerful LED Flashlight Rechargeable Torch usb Flash Light Bike Pocket LED Zoomable Lamp For Hunting Black
A must have item for daily use, this portable LED flashlight is going to last a long time on a single charge. The best part about this item is that you can easily recharge it once the battery is down via the USB.

This shock resistant rechargeable torch is equipped with Q5 to give you maximum brightness even in the darkest zones. It comes with 3 different lighting mode- high, low and strobe. The light from this torch is not only super bright but also zoomable. Crafted out of the best quality aluminium alloy this LED torch is durable enough to last for a long time.

mini flashlight aliexpress

Price: $8.00.

#4. KBAYBO Car Aroma Diffuser Humidifier

Cars need to be refreshed and this is one of the best gift you can buy for him.

car electronic gift for him
CAR HUMIDiFIER aliexpress

When the air in the car is dry enough to parch your throat, skin or nasal passages all you need to do is make use of a humidifier. The essential oil diffusing humidifier would is particularly meant for use in a car when the moisture level in the air goes down. All you need to do is open the tank and pour the essential oil and the right amount of water and your cool mist humidifier would make your car interiors fresh and moisturized. Available for just $7 this item is a must have for people driving in dry areas. Always make use of water soluble essential oils rather than the greasy ones or else your car humidifier isn’t going to function properly. During your first use, you need to give it around 5 minutes times before it starts to function.

Cost $7.99

#5. UGreen Micro USB quick charge cable

AliExpress.com Product – Ugreen Micro USB Cable 1m 2m 3m Sync Data Charger Cable for Samsung Galaxy S3 S4 Note 2 3 LG HTC Xiaomi Android Mobile phone
The micro USB fast charging data cable would allow you to charge a variety of Android devices such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, Sony, HTC, Honor, and LG. You can choose from a number of wire lengths ranging from .25 m to 2 m. Available in 4 different colours- black, gold, silver and red this quick charging USB cable has been bought more than 66,000 times.

The oxygen free copper wire core of this cable would provide you 1.5 times faster charging speed when compared to a regular cable. Always aim for the shorter cables since the longer cables generally take a long time to charge. It also enables quick data transfer at a speed of up to 480 mbps. The high speed charging ability and its universal compatibility are the two major reasons why you should definitely buy one for yourself.

One for $2.49

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#6. Airpod Clone – i200 TWS

best electronic gadget gift for him

The real airpod cost $159. Here you can have a better bass airpod clone for less than $40. TWS has been evolving. This July this i200 model is one of the best we think everyone will love it.

gift for him 2019

The sound bass improved, the cover casing improve, i200 TWS came with wireless charging technology. This is one of the best sought after earbud on Aliexpress this 2019. Grab before it is gone.

Cost $16.99

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#7. Toilet LED Light

Ladies, this is one big gift you can buy for your loved ones! 🙂

toilet led light for men

AliExpress.com Product – Hot 8 Color Smart Bathroom Automatic Toilet Seat LED Body Motion Sensor Nightlight Activated Lamp Hanging Light For AAA Battery
This toilet LED light automatically turns on every time you approach the commode in the dark and switches off as you leave. It goes with all kinds of toilet bowls and functions only in the dark. The best part about this toilet LED is that it comes in eight different colours which change automatically. Equipped with IR sensor and photosensitive sensor this smart energy efficient toilet light would give your bathroom a real chic look. You just need to hang the LED light on the side of the toilet bowl and it is all set to light up your bathroom.

Hope he do not wet the bowl at night! No more excuses if you buy him this.


#8. Gamepad for Android Phone

gamepad aliexpress

This amazing gamepad controller would allow you to play video games in an old-school style. You don’t need an extra driver for using this one, all you have to do is plug it in and you are all set to play your favourite games. The 16 bit controller comes with 8 buttons designed to perfectly fit the contour of your palm.

The gamepad allows you flexibility to play on your desktop or from your mobile. The long USB cable helps in easy manoeuvrability and the sheer number of buttons gives you better control over the game.

Cost $9.99

#9. Xiaomi Mijia Electric Toothbrush

Xiaomi is been coming up with a crazy shit of items that are awesome and good.

Xiaomi Mijia Sonic Toothbrush offers optimal comfort with a truly deep clean for you with its high-efficiency magnetic levitation motor and high-density planting brush.

The 6 built-in sensors detect your brushing gesture, and monitor the 6 brushing areas and the stay time. When you connect to APP, you can see the brushing score for every cleaning, brushing time, coverage rate, etc. You can share and look through the reports anytime.

Imagine reporting to your loved ones whether you are brushing your teeth!

Price: $30.99

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#10. Baseus 20000 mAh Power Bank

We leave the best for the last.

This 2019. Everything is powered by electronics products. Your smartphone, your earphone, your laptop, your desktop…million of things!

best powerbank for him

Now when you are on mobile, you definitely need a Power bank. You do not want to face the issue of calling someone and your smartphone went burst with no battery.

We choose Baseus as this is an up and coming brand in China. With many electronic gadgets under their belt. Power bank is definitely one of their top selling product this 2019.

Price range is well in the budget of any geeky. You can see this awesome products on the link below. You will not be disappointed. Rest assured!

Price: $25.90

Best Electronic Gifts for Men

That is all! Hope your friend, boyfriend or husband will love these selections. Oh, please do not think Aliexpress is a bad portal. It is not in 2019. There are only bad sellers but please go through our curation here at Bestaliproducts to prevent that. Happy shopping!